Coaching is an on-going co-creative and collaborative partnership offering clarity, focus, and support for continued action to achieve your goals and dreams, while working through any foreseeable challenges along the way. It is all about you, an investment in yourself and your future.

Trinity Life Coaching (TLC) works together with you to uncover your inner wisdom, unleashing your creativity and brilliance and integrating what you learn about yourself into tangible outcomes.

As your coach, first and foremost, I am responsible to keep everything you tell me in strict confidence. I will listen to you intently, invite you to explore your own wisdom and intelligence, encourage and empower you, and assist you with an action plan. You hold the answers, so I am able to act as a totally objective, non-judgmental, supportive mirror to help you become more aware of any self-imposed obstacles or limitations.

Benefits Of Coaching With Cheri

Here are a few of the benefits that TLC clients report…

What I Expect Of You As My Client

As my client, I ask that you take some time prior to each session to prepare your agenda for the discussion, as well as what you want to take away from it. I encourage you to come open minded and open hearted, be fully present and ready to engage. Together, we will travel through your obstacles to your destination.

I Make My Coaching Available In The Following Ways:


One-On-One Coaching


Group Coaching


Coaching Workshops


Coaching Retreats


Mastermind Group

Read Our Customer Reviews

Are you tired of doing the same thing and expecting different results? Cheri can help you change your life and outcome. She truly listens and helps YOU remove the barriers keeping you from the life that you love and deserve.

Cynthia Torres Gonzalez

Facebook Review

When Cheri began coaching me, I was in a very dark place. I was ready to give up, not having any hope for the light at the end of the tunnel. Cheri was able to listen with empathy, compassion and patience. Rather than directing my decisions, she drew from me the answers I was looking for. This gave me renewed hope and trust in myself and my relationship with God. I will always be thankful for her guidance.

Connie G. - Robbinsdale, MN

Client Review

Cheri is one of the more caring and inspiring people I know. Her dedication to her craft is impressive, but it’s her unique ability to truly connect with someone on a deeper level that sets her apart. If someone is looking to get past an obstacle or rough patch in life – or take their life experience to a level previously unthinkable, the passion Cheri brings is sure to be exactly what they need.

Tim Kindem

Facebook Review

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